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Regioniniai Projektai
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Rokiškio jaunimo organizacijų sąjunga
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Stovykla “Atjunk”

The camp “Atjunk” took place during June 26th – July 2nd of 2017

Everything that happened in the last week kept us busy, encouraged to climb out of our comfort zone and forget about various fears. We ran into a completely different environment where technology and social networks did not stick to the heels. We have gained new experience, skills, that have long been trapped in the desire to get out in the daylight. We felt inner freedom, refreshment, recessions and sudden ups and downs. Numerous things provoked to surrender, but we only got stronger, we grew up with “thicker skin” and step by step toward a team that was not just a group meeting for a good time. During the camp “Atjunk” we experienced a lot. Even the smallest detail itself contributed to the final result.

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Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union ‚The Round Table‘ summer camp „To the left/ To the right“


Camp “To the left/to the right” gave a missing piece of the puzzle, which allowed to see a little more than in the beginning of the camp. From 16 to 20 of August there were many beautiful and unforgettable things in the countryside of Žiūkiai. The camp participants and the organizers shared their impressions, memorized moments and discoveries, that had ruthlessly tamed the inner world, forced to see a different angle and get to know themselves again.

Vika Venediktova

“At the camp I met a diverse range of people. I contacted with them and realized that I knew not only them, but also myself. I thought about things that had never got to my head. The activities of the camp have encouraged the achievement of the goal, to find a common language, to develop a public language skills, to express their opinions and share their experiences. We had the same range of rules. One of them is Bora Bora. It was enough to say this combination of funny words with each of the most spoken campers and they were required to engage in a conversation telling what they were saying before you joined. The program was becoming more intense, I felt tired, but continued pushing forward. At the end of the camp I realised that I learned a lot. I feel that I am starting to live a more interesting life with a completely different standpoint. I am now travelling farther, with more confidence and a whole other expectation. “

Živilė Samulionytė

“Sadly, it all ended. The steering group of the camps was preparing for several months, and this has passed in a few moments. I don’t regret any day that was omitted here, no mistake and emotion. I contributed to the organization of the camp, and therefore began to improve my leadership skills, public speaking, communication, overall purpose, time planning, search of errors, and analysis of their findings. I found new friends who helped to realize that good things can be found everywhere. They laughed when they had fun and  hard times. The most memorable moment was from night hiking. We were sitting beside the campfire, in the middle of the forest. It seemed to be surrounded by people I have known for hundred of years. I was watching the starry sky and I was happy that I am exactly here, not somewhere else. “

Aistė Lukoševičiūtė

“In the camp I’ve had the opportunity to test myself in a leading position and engage with activities on the other side. It was infinitely interesting to analyze the work and growth of the team, while at the same time learning about and even exposing the experience. Of course, I found new friends and interesting chatmates for the night talk, and I’d like to see more of the horizons, by communicating with utterly hostile people than myself. The night trip is the tradition of the camps in Rokiškis Youth Organization Union ‘ Round Table’. It was a time of training and I felt the responsibility for the whole team. “



Julija Stepanova

“At this camp I realized that we should be unafraid to improvise, to say “yes” more often and to show our true selves. We had an intense program, and I listed so much that I was asleep just for 24 hours. Nevertheless, I am very happy. The techniques were not visible and pleasant because of a very experienced training guide Audrius Laurutis. The night trip during which I went through an inner conflict, I didn’t give up, even though I returned at 7 a.m. kayaking, and remembering the camp of the last year, where we sailed at the same time. This was a worthwhile route. I will admit, I was very tired, it was difficult to have the energy for the follow-up, but this camp was a good lesson not only for the participants, but also for the organizers, both in terms of expectations and in the decisions made. “

Rimgailė Bulovaitė

“In contributing to the organization of the camp, I learned my strengths, I faced my personal fears and, together with other camp participants, tried to overcome the challenges. I am very grateful for this experience, because it is time when I can say that I‘ve tried to know myself as an individual, and most importantly, I have realized what I want to see in the future and I feel a great desire for improvement! “

Deimantė Kriukelytė

“I lived for several years hearing beautiful feedback about the Young Leaders Club. This year I tried to take part in the camp, to the left/to the  right. It was different and filled my summer with a variety of colours. The sincere faces of the campers, the joyful laughter, deep conversations, the warm-up of the stapling, and the communication does not allow anyone to feel marginalized. Kayaking is also a great thing. Songs, cheerful jokes, the optimism of everyone, and good weather took away dark thoughts. Cool summer nights did not break us, and we drew our night-time trek to try our hand, stamina, orientation and got to know friends better. “

Žiedė Kirstukaitė

“I am very pleased with what happened during the camp. With me, we have survived the palette of various senses, from the charming moments, which posed a warm and bright emotion, to many tensions and responsibilities for the camp participants. It was good to watch them grow in small increments. Personally, for me, countless methods have allowed an increasingly deeper understanding of themselves, while moments even doubting. It is good to know that I can accumulate a massive amount of patience and endurance even for a fifth hour in the woods and searching for a road home. I’m very very happy. “

Ligita Bačiulytė

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camp "from scratch"

JLK summercamp “Nuo nulio“: experience, memories and discoveries

It‘s hard to say that the summer is counting it‘s last days. Leaving the place for rainy weather, long nights and leaves falling from the tree‘s. It‘s a shame but the warm season forgot how it should be. We had to deal with the arrogant summer, which often decided to make it cold, rainy, windy, and gloomy. This  kind of weather helped all the members of the summercamp to come closer together.  Young people put up applications for the -, that got financed by the Rokiškis district municipality from kids r young people socialization program. This summercamp was not only meant to have a good way to pass time, but during this summercamp people changed the way they think, people had new experiences, and gained a lot of benefits.

Summercamp – one big adventure

Uncertainty, going to the summercamp makes you worry. Because you don‘t know  what awaits you, you don‘t know if you‘ll fit in,  and you‘re unsure with what kind of people you will have to live for all the six days. Despite that, you fill a warm felling in your stomach, which we like to describe like butterflies. All the early fears soon start to disappear, when you come to the campsite, and meet all the people with which you‘re about to experience one big and incredible adventure.

The first day already, we felt a strong connection, because we had an opportunity to get to know eachother, find shared interests,  hobbies, and talk about topics we have never discused with anyone else. The girls that organized the summercamp – Gabija Kaulakytė, Agnė Ruzgutė, Toma Barzdaitė and Ieva Marija Makšimatė, made sure that people who didn‘t know eachother would have enough courage to go and communicate. Getting to know eachother is very important. You have to recognize and trust the people around you. Ahead – is various activities, a lot of teamwork, so being around people is inevitable.

Open and honest chatting – the basis of it all

We often don‘t acknowledge that every little or big thing we do can mess up, from the looks of it, our pretty and tidy inner world. Analyzing our actions, remembering how we behaved during a certain time, overthinking, what was going on in our heads, and what kind of new relizations we got after that, we understand that even the simplest things can make a mess in our heads. In the summercamp “Nuo nulio“ we did a lot of things: we got to know eachother, we formed a team, made up our rules, we thought and talked about our expectations. We deepen our knowledge about entrepreneurship,   young people opportunities. We were strengthening  our critical thinking, independence, self-confidence, leadership abilities, patriotism, strategical thinking, sense of responsibility, and other competences. Through non-formal education methods, we analyzed ourselfes, we got new information about entrepreneurship,  we created our own business ideas and represented them. We sailed the canoe and also went on a night hike in the forrest. We took part in a simulation, wrote letters for ourself in 20 years.  We got to know what‘s the best things to say in a job interview.

I can confidentely say that we never ran out of one thing – warm, sensitive and honest conversations. They left a mark in our hearts. It was good to know that you could always take any person from the campsite and talk to them eye to eye.

Reflections helped too think deeply and  appreciate

In order to strengthen our trust in each other, endeavour in unity, our club experimented in different practices. We partook in such activities as covering up one ‘s eyes whilst trying to assemble an object, lighting a match to burst a balloon. Another method of ours was lifting and rocking of a person. During the activity participants divided into 2 groups and lifted and rocked every member, causing them to loosen up. The most important element of this exercise is letting everyone to participate and for the subjects to completely trust the people rocking them. After such exercises we had a moment of reflection, during which members of the groups shared their thoughts on what could have been better. The deliberations showed us what we were perhaps doing wrong, what was troubling us, what hindered some of us from participating, why we did not always listen to each other and finally why did we neglect working as a team. As a consequence, we gradually matured, advanced, bonded with each other. In such ways, we developed towards being a team.

The cold didn‘t win us over

In the summercamp we understood that the cold weather can‘t win over a big and united group of people. It didn‘t stop us from swimming through the rivers, because we were warmed up by the few layers of warm clothes, each others support and beatiful songs. Cold didn‘t even bother our night hike, cause the stubbornness, good mood and dances in the middle of the forest were a lot stronger then a breezy wind and low temperature. I don‘t wanna hide that sometimes we had to go with shivers on our body, but the tiredness allowed us to forget all our fears and the cobwebs or the dark no longer made us scared.

But not always did we have to work in a team. We had an uneasy task – writting a letter for ourselfs in 20 years. Everyone had an hour to focus and concentrate on themselves, their needs and ambitiont, look into the biggest dreams, that we deeply hide even from ourselves, cause we think they are too utopian. There were tears, discoveries, sensitive experience sharing.

Summercamp that changes peoples lifes

In this kind of summercamp you grow up, get stronger physically and psychologically. Everyone can experiment, leave their comfort zone, try to take leadership, or opposite let others speak. It‘s good to see the up rising members that get to see that they can do a lot more than anyone else. Summercamp “Nuo nulio“ just pushed them to move forward.

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Project "Time Flash"

Ministry of Social Security and Labour has funded the Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union “Round Table” project “Time Flash”

The aim of the project is to strengthen the identity and interest of young people in their region, to reveal and develop the creative potential of Rokiškis’ youth, to promote youth activity and citizenship.

The idea of the project is to match photographs made in Rokiškis’ landscape, architectural photographs of historical events, locations, historical personalities of various times. Topical and newly-through photographs, exhibitions, and creative workshops familiarize the young people with the evolution of urban history, thus stimulating young people to be interested in the field of photographic art, their regions‘ history.

The participants of the project were pure historical photographers. The creation of the the photographs, the history of photography will endeavour to understand the historical events, historical personalities, places, architecture. Choose the objects/places you like, how they change their smart phones. During the work of artistic photography, participants will take photographs, learn about the techniques, performances, discuss with themselves and others, learn critical thinking and express their opinions.


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“Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union“ Round Table ”Improving Performance and Improving Quality”

Project took place 2016 – 2017.

Funding received from the JRD. The money allocated for the project is 16180 €.

The goal of the project is to enable young people of Rokiškis to properly represent their interests, to improve the activities of youth policy-making institutions, and to actively participate in the adoption of relevant solutions, to address youth-related issues, to enable young people to live and realize themselves in Rokiškis district.

The program will enable young people to acquire the necessary skills for proper representation, as well as enable young people to effectively solve their problems and respond competently to the changes proposed by the government regarding the interests of the youth in the district.

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"Stronger me"

Do you want to have an unforgettable summer? Do you dream about long nights near campfires surrounded by your friends? Join the traveling camp „Stipresnis aš“. We invite you to spend time with great people, work together and learn more about healthy lifestyle. Activities such as a night trip „Mini olympic“ games, yoga, meditation, excursion to Ilzenbergas manor biodynamic farm and more activities related to a healthy lifestyle are waiting for you.

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The summer for young people is a time of holidays, camps and new adventures. For special occasions like this, every summer leaders organize hikes, camps or other projects. On June 20-25, „The Young Leader Club“ organized camp „Būk“.

The camp was held in Žiukeliškės. Within six days, the participants deepened their knowledge of health, the importance of active leisure and nature conservation, met new friends, and kayaked on the Šventoji River. „I am pleased that by organizing this camp we have encouraged young people to look more naturally at nature and its resources. During the camp we performed a lot of activities related to ecology and nature protection: we created various household appliances, produced nature-friendly equipment“, said one of the organizers of the camp Ieva Gaigalaitė.

One of the biggest adventures was the night hike. Where you can find a better place than a forest, a better time than a night and a better tool than a hike, to improve the orientation in an environment and cooperation skills, to get to know yourself better, to overcome your fears and to unite people into one big team?

„The activities of the Camp were based on non-formal education. I am very pleased that a number of “green” people who haven’t been seriously confronted with non-formal education participated in the camp. The Camp was a great first step. Each participant’s new understanding or discovery was very important for me and brought me no less happiness than my own experience”, said one of the organizers of the camp, Asta Jasiūnaitė.

“Camp gave me a lot. I got to know many interesting and wonderful people. People and the reflection of various activities helped me to look into everything deeper and more positively. My thinking has changed, I have received a huge dose of motivation. There was nothing missing in the camp: laughter, sincere conversation, reflection, rest, adventure. It was very sad to leave. I’ve never had so many positive emotions, I’m very happy. I want to thank you all.”  Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė, shared her impressions.

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“Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union“ Round Table ”Improving Operational Efficiency and Quality Improvement“ co-financing

Funding received from Rokiškis district municipality. The money allocated for the project is 2427 €.

The goal of the project is to enable young people of Rokiškis to properly represent their interests, to improve the activities of youth policy-making institutions, to point out youth-related issues and actively participate in the adoption of relevant solutions. Also enable young people to live and realize themselves in Rokiškis district.

3K (What do I want? What can I do? What will I need?)

The Funding was provided by Social Security and the Ministry of Labor. The project was assigned 3000 €.

Project goal – to encourage network building between Rokiškis’ youth NGOs with business and municipality institutions for youth related problem solving, involving job employment in Rokiškis’ district.

These are the companies/institutions that have partnered with us: AB „Rokiškio sūris“; UAB „Lašų duona“; UAB „Aila“; Panevėžio teritorinė darbo birža Rokiškio skyrius; Rokiškio rajono savivaldybės švietimo centras; UAB „ROKVESTA plius“; Rokiškio PASPC;

The project was planning to involve 50 participants, but because of the large turnout we involved 88 highly motivated 9-12 grade students to participate in the project.

These are the activities that were organized to take place during the project:

  1. Introduction to “3 K” during a meeting with our project partners.
  2. 2 informational seminars “What do I want? What can I do? What will I need?” for the project participants to do an in-depth analysis of their personality traits, skills and interests.
  3. Trip to UAB „Rokiškio sūris“ during which the project participants were introduced to the food technologist, shift foreman, IT specialist, electric engineer and economist professions, discussed these professions with their specialists, and evaluated their opportunities to work in such areas.
  4. Trip to UAB“ROKVESTA Plius“, during which the project participants were introduced to the accountant, book-keeper and financier professions and learned the difference between them, and were introduced to the companies accounting software
  5. Trip to UAB „Lašų duona“, during which the project participants had an in-depth look at the baker profession, and the technical aspect of bread making. The participants were also introduced to the machinery used in the bakery, and how they work. The group’s boys were introduced to the metalsmith and mechanic profession.
  6. Trip to Rokiškis’ PASPC, during which the project participants were thought the specifics of the doctor, therapist, children’s doctor and physiotherapist professions. The doctors gladly told us about the hardships they face and what kind of personality traits people should have to work in their profession. The profession participants were introduced to the laboratory and biochemistry labority technician, nurse and paramedic professions. The participants were also able to witness a live cardiograph, healing massage and exercises, and take an up close look at an ambulance and it’s equipment. A paramedic explained her job peculiarities, and how her profession is different to a nurse.
  7. Trip to UAB „Aila“ during which the project participants were introduced to the carpenter profession at a wood workshop.
  8. Seminar with Rokiškis’ Labour Exchange “Labor Market Trends and Employment Opportunities”, during which the project participants were introduced to labor market trends and the profession map, which they can use to choose their professions, while paying attention to the popularity and demand of the profession. The participants also took a test to see what profession suits them.
  9. Trip to Panevėžys’ college. The head of the practical training center introduced the project participants to the laboratories. The consultant of the study and career center introduced their study programs and answered the answered participant questions. The head of the international relations and communication unit informed the participants about Erasmus + opportunities while studying, and student representation members talked about their experiences while studying at Panevėžys’ College.
  10. Final project discussion, during which the project participants shared their new-found knowledge and experiences, and talked about the project’s successes and shortcomings.

„Jaunimo savaitė Rokiškyje“

Projekto  vyko gegužės 6–9 dienomis, Rokiškyje.

Jo metu surengti 3 renginiai:
Idėja +;
Diskusija su politikais;
Orientacinis žygis.

„Challenge on the wheels“

250 € funding received from Rokiškis district municipality.

The goal of the project is to introduce young people to Rokiskis culture and history, to develop citizenship, to reveal the importance of knowledge of their national history and to promote the participation of young people in volunteering activities.

The trip „Challenge on the wheels“ was not limited to cycling, but also encouraged self-knowledge, discovering and overcoming fears. While participating in the project, young people became a team that was not afraid to overcome the difficult route of the adventure hike and not scared of rain or cold.

Youngsters learned to communicate more easily, get rid of stereotypes, gained leadership skills, team work experience, social skills. They learned to move forward and realize goals, to understand the principles of healthy lifestyle  and to develop physical and spiritual will. The implementation of the project contributed to the improvement of active engagement of young people, as well as expanded the spectrum of attractive activities for young people in Rokiškis district.

RJOS "Apvalus stalas" veiklos kokybės gerinimas

290 funding received from Rokiškis district municipality.

The goal of the project is to enable Rokiškis young people to properly represent their interests, to improve the activities of youth policy-making institutions and to actively participate in the adoption of relevant decisions.

„Sveikai augu“

150 € funding received from Rokiškis district municipality.


The goal of the project is to increase the physical activity of young people and encourage them to promote a healthy lifestyle by abandoning harmful habits.

With the help of professional lecturers, project participants had the opportunity to test their endurance and physical preparedness, to develop competences that help young people to improve their daily lives, to learn about the benefits of healthy lifestyles and the harm of harmful habits.

„Ne kalbėk, o daryk“

290 € funding received from Rokiškis district municipality.

The goal of the project is to help young people to successfully integrate into society by developing their initiative and creativity skills, promoting volunteering and meaningfuly spending free time.

Through creative activities, young people got acquainted with activities carried out by youth organizations of Rokiskis district. The participants saw the entire NGO “kitchen” closer, heard about it from people, who are working with it.

„Mes ateinam"

The project aims to develop youth initiative and creativity skills, promote self-expression, volunteering and promote their civic activities in the city.

We strived for our goals through the most attractive way for young people – music. By attracting additional finances from sponsors and other funds, we were able to invite up to 7 groups to promote the quality, live rock music in the “Mes ateinam” festivals concert. The groups on the stage appeared from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

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„RJOS ‚Apvalus stalas‘ performance improvement“

6487,48 € funding received from JRD

The goal of the project is to enable Rokiškis youth to properly represent their interests, to improve the activities of youth policy-making institutions and to actively participate in the adoption of relevant decisions.

During the program, we have made it possible for youngsters to acquire the necessary skills for proper representation, thus enabling them to effectively solve their problems and respond competently to the changes proposed by the government related to the interests of the youth in the district. During the project, youngsters acquired the competences required for work and active involvement in social and political life.

We have encouraged youngsters in rural areas, school authorities and youth organizations to actively engage in the formation and implementation of youth policy in Rokiškis district. We have implemented activities aimed at publicizing the activities and results of the RJOS ‚Round table‘ organizations, encouraging young people to become involved in youth organizations and volunteer activities.

"Earth. Fire. Water. Air."

15527.80 Lt (4497.16 €) funding received from the EU program „Veiklus jaunimas“.


During the summer, five active young people gathered in the initiative group “Earth. Fire. Water. Air.”. The project particicpants organized hikes as the main activities for youth of the organizations who are members of the Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union and young people from Rokiskis who want to get involved in youth activities and get acquainted with youth policy. The goal of the project was to improve the cooperation and quality of activities of youth organizations by developing the competences required for youth. In the project, we sought to develop four key competences: self and other knowledge, conflict management, teamwork, decision making and implementation, aligning them with four elements: land, air, fire and water.The first hike was a pilot – devoted to the project’s initiative group, which lasted 3 days, in Anykščiai district, Andrioniškis village. During this period, the initiative group tested various emergency situations that could occur during the activities, learned how to solve them, learned the basics of first aid, learned to use all the tools needed on the hike, such as a compass, a map that ensured that the participants did not get lost and did not end up in dangerous situations. The second one – an adventure hike lasted for 9 days in the Anykščiai district, Andrioniškis village, where 17 members and 5 members of the initiative group had the opportunity to develop all the activities they wanted to acquire the four competences that helped the young people to improve their daily lives with the help of a professional lecturer. Participants wrote a blog recording their experiences, feelings and learning. Video blogs were also filmed, which allowed us to save valuable experience. After the hike the participants acquire the competences and skills they use in their activities and share their good experiences with their peers.


„Kaimo bendruomenių veiklos kokybės gerinimas ir kompetencijų ugdymas“

47914,00 Lt (13876.85 €) funding received from EU program „Leader 12“.

The aim of the project is to share the best practices in designing and implementing projects, to promote and strengthen the activities of Rokiskis district rural communities, to reveal the role of local communities and opportunities to influence the development of a safe cultural and social environment in rural areas.

During the project, we informed the rural communities about the possibilities of project delivery and we found out what competences lack active project development activities. We raised the competences of rural communities in the areas of strategic management and project management of the organization, as well as developing the ability of community members to learn and, at the same time, adapting the acquired knowledge, increasing the activity of community members and creating a favorable social and cultural environment. We ensured the visibility of the project, the involvement of rural communities and the dissemination of results.

Project activities:


  1. Information seminars for rural communities (10 seminars). During the information seminars, members of rural communities were acquainted with the possibilities of active activity and possible sources of its financing.
  2. Two-day practical training workshops for analysis of each rural situation and problem solving (10 seminars).
  3. Project participant’s survey and evaluation of training effectiveness.
  4. Final Conference on Good Practice in Rokiskis.

„T.A.I.P! – Tobulėk, auk, išmok, pažink!“

Funding of the project: 500 Lt(144,81 €).

15 young people in this project were encouraged to become involved in universal activities, their citizenship and creativity was promoted.


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Rokiškio jaunimo organizacijų įgalinimas aktyviai ir kryptingai veiklai

Funding received from the Department of Youth Affairs.

During this project:

– Members of Union of Rokiškis Youth Organization “Round Table” organization were strengthening.

– Were formed the image of a reliable regional youth council representing the interests of youth organizations.

-Were represented self-governing youth at local, national and international level.


Funding was received from Rokiskis district municipality (145 €)

The hike consisted of 16 young people who, during the course of the project, learned the basics of tourism and the value of teamwork and importance of working as a team, developed physical and spiritual will and lived by the principles of a healthy lifestyle – exercise and a nutritious and balanced diet. During the project, an orienteering trip took place, during which the participants developed spatial thinking, became acquainted with the nature of the Rokiškis district, and took a hike during the night to test themselves in extreme conditions.


Finansavimas gautas iš ES programos “Veiklus jaunimas”. Projektui skirta 28658 Lt(8300 €) .

„LIJA“- is a Project called „ History of Lithuania Through the eyes of youth“. This Project motivates young people to take a new look at the history of Lithuania, to acknowledge peculiarities of our ancestors live style and to understand the meaning of the most important events in the history of Lithuania. At the time of it 20 youngsters from Rokiškis 10days were traveling “in time”, since history sources till nowadays. Communicating with youth organizations form all Lithuania we revealed the most important events creative way – Through the eyes of youth.


Funding received from the JRD. For the project there was dedicated  3600 Lt(1042,63 €).

During the project, 9 day-to-day seminars-trainingsfr were organized, introducing young people to the possibilities of youth activities and the main principles of youth policy. Organized discussion – “RJOS ,Round Table‘ is a trusted partner“. The public were introduced to the activities, projects and the agreement was reached between the representatives of political parties that an overall vision is needed for the implementation of the youth policy in the region. A book “My Book” was prepared, in which young people could get to know not only the activities of AS in 2010, but also to the updated website of the Rokiskis Youth Organizations Union Round Table –

Sport. Strengthen. Improve.

Finansavimas gautas iš ES programos “Veiklus jaunimas”. Projektui skirta 29936 Lt(8670 €).

We are 4 members of initiative group which will organize three trips of experience during the summer in region of Rokiskis. Duration of one trip will be 3 or 4 days. By practicing acceptable and fascinating methods of nonprofessional sports we seek to attract young people to participate in youth activity, to increase their interest in active ways of free-time, to propagate healthy lifestyle, to strengthen their body and soul. Project is based on youth perfection, initiative, active sports and healthy lifestyle. As a method we will use trips of experience which will provide the possibility for participants to focus on themselves, their fears and to rid it of, to practice active sports and have a valuable summer time. The project called “S.S.I.” (Sport. Strengthen. Improve.) affords ground for young people become responsible for their actions, to raise important social skills such as tolerance, communication, collaboration. After these trips participants will lead discussions and seminars for schools communities of Rokiškis and will share the experience gained during the project. What is more, we will organize unusual event, it will be the massive exercises in the center of Rokiškis.

Regioninių jaunimo organizacijų stiprinimas, ugdant jaunimo trenerius

Financing was obtained from the subsidy schemes of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms “Strengthening the Non-Governmental Organizations Sector in Lithuania” Fouding of the project dedicated 172614,84 LT (49992 €).

The project was aimed at strengthening youth organizations by developing youth coaches and providing them with working conditions. Organizations that participated in the project improved their qualifications, improved their social skills, gained new knowledge and understanding about strengthening youth organizations and attracting and educating new members. New acquaintances and important contacts let us to develop joint projects for the future and to continue to cooperate in the field of youth training.

Main activities:

  • NGO organizations and experts survey;
  • Preparation of teaching and training materials;
  • Preparation of instructional materials for youth trainers;
  • Creation of a youth trainer network;
  • Ensuring working conditions for youth coaches:
  • Advice for youth coaches.

Project achievements:

  • Youth experts and youth organizations interviewed;
  • Prepared to train 12 youth trainer;
  • Ready-made training materials for youth trainer training;
  • Created trainer network

This project strengthened the organization’s administrative, financial management, human resources, public relations and other capabilities; helped to establish cooperative relations with youth organizations of other municipalities; strengthened confidence in ourselves and allowing us to look bravely at the new challenges – attracting funds from the European Union’s structural funds.

The close co-operation with well-prepared youth coaches allows the organization to grow and develop new members.

„3-ias Kadras“

Funding was received from the JRD. Project was assigned 8000 Lt (231,70€).

The aim of the project: To encourage participation and strengthen mutual relations between unorganized youth using artistic and creative activities. During the project the participants organizing a selection of short films – competition about youth leisure. The creators of the films participated in the creative camp (15 young people), where they generated ideas, created a script, storyboarded, shot and assembled the film “3rd Frame”. After that the project participants organized a presentation and discussion of the film.

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„Kartu – mes jėga“

Funded by JRD. 6200 Lt(1795,64€) dedicated to the project.

The aim of the project – to form a strong Round Table office, expand and strengthen Rokiškis Round Table activities, seeking close cooperation and exchange of experience with other youth organizations operating in the county. The project is intended for the preparation of the staff of Round Table, the development of volunteers, mutual cooperation and the improvement of information dissemination mechanisms. The project carried out surveys of youth organizations, published a volunteer competition, organized volunteer training, discussions, dissemination of information through the publication of an information newspaper and e-mail conferences. In the course of the project, data on all youth organizations operating in Rokiškis district were collected and their activities were familiarized with. Meetings were also held with the leaders of Panevėžys County Municipal Youth Organizations and municipal administration staff and politicians. Implementation of the project helped to solve the main problem of the organization – to form a stable office, to create a clear team, to eliminate the lack of volunteers, to prepare and implement projects qualitatively, to implement an effective information system among youth organizations and to strengthen the organizations of AS.




  1. The Board of Round Table, organized a training – experiential march for the youth leaders in the Labanoras Forest. Participants in training:

2.Theoretical and practical knowledge of the planning, preparation and implementation of youth initiatives;

  1. Teamwork, communication, collaboration skills;
  2. Basic knowledge of youth non-formal education principles and methodology;

The knowledge gained will help ignite the activities of youth organizations and attract new volunteers.

  1. There was a two-day seminar “Organization and Me”, during which the participants of the project went into:

6.What can I do for the organization;

7.What I am in an organization; can I help myself and my friends;

  1. Learning to work in a team; can I really work with a team or find my place;

9.How to understand your goals; try to find your place in the organization;

  1. Team building in projects;
  2. Improve the knowledge of others in teaching;
  3. gain experience; learn from groups and from each other;

13.The representatives of Ignalina, Visaginas “Roundtables” also participated in the training exercise and the seminar. This has given young people a new experience, motivation to participate in public activities.

  1. Created by Rokiškis Youth Organizations Union Page –
  2. A team of four people has been formed, ready to work.
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„The half of the chair”

Funded by EU programme „Active youth“. 15537,60 Lt (4500 Є).

„Half a chair“ – it’s a half of a life. We wanted to know life better, understand and discover it. During the project we accomplished our idea – to reveal its beauty with photography.

We took photos of kids and elders. In the faces of elders we saw their life experience, and in the smiles of children we saw their carelessness and the questions of future. In pictures we expressed their moods, we found out their thoughts and their imaginary future. From the elders we figured if they fulfilled their dreams, if they spent their youth purposefully. In photos and our released photo calendar we revealed children’s and elders’ wisdom.

From photos we formed an exposition and exhibited it in these towns, villages, where youth didn’t know much about photography. We wanted youth to understand and think about emotions expressed in the photos. We hope that both youth from cities and from country will be inspired to get interested in photography. We also created a movie about our work “Half a chair + me”.

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„Geltonų plytų kelias“

Finansavimas gautas iš . Projektui skirta

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„A pool of information“

Funded by JRD. 11000 Lt(3185,82 €).

Idea of the project – to create a collaboration network that would unite youth organizations, district establishments witch work with children and youth. 6 youth organizations participated in the project. During the project was created a Rokiškis youth website with easy to use database which is used to collect and constantly refresh information about organizations’ work, activities, entertainment for youth, contacts.


  1. Project promoted youth self-expression, participation in social activities, gave the opportunity for young people to express themselves during seminars and to practically use their gained knowledge in their lives.
  2. During seminar youth learned to communicate with their seniors, legal peoples. We used that knowledge by interacting with informal education institutions and organizations leaders, aiming to establish better relations with collaboration network institutions’ representatives.
  3. Cooperating with other organizations and their leaders we established a collaboration network, which helps organizations to communicate, share information, organize joint projects and so on.
  4. The website for youth was created –

Website gave an opportunity for participants to keep sharing information, experience. It also helped to coordinate mutual activities for youth busyness.

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„Father‘s guitar“

Funded by EU programme “Active youth”. 20716,90 Lt(6000 €).

During rehearsing and concerts together with band “Paradox” we noticed, that youth is excited about rock music, but in Rokiškis most of the time we can only hear loud party music, therefore rock is being left in the dust. After asking around, we found out, that in Rokiškis there were 12 bands that performed live music, so we decided to brush the dust off the music sheets and revive rock for its second life, because we’re tired of lip-synced pop. We gathered up, rewritten, renewed and applied music, that was played by our parents, to the masses.

Together with our partners we organized expeditions around Rokiškis region, during which we collected data (records, photos, text and similar) about the old bands. We selected, assessed and adapted it to our generations. We remade (with the help of old musicians) the old Rokiškis bands’ works. We recorded prepared songs in a studio. Before the festival we organized seminar “Vocal, improvisation and instrumentation”, in which everyone who is interested in music and wants to improve could participate.

A lot of music teachers and other people who are interested in music gathered to the seminar. Lecturers (Klaipėda university lecturer, band “Studija” vocalist Stepas Januška and Klaipėda university jazz cathedral lecturer Saulius Šiaučiulis and his student – drummer Mykolas) gave us lots of valuable knowledge and left seminar participants some methodical information, which they could apply practically.

On the event of Father’s day we organized youth bands rock festival “Father’s guitar”, in which participated youth from whole Lithuania. Festival concert was hosted by band’s “Bix” vocalist Saulius Urbonavičius. Later we released festival concert DVD. During the summer we worked on CD-e book, in which we put together all our collected data. On September 1st we introduced our released book and festival’s “Father’s guitar” DVD, and on September 2nd – our band’s debut album.