Advanced planning visit of Youth Exchange “EUROPE is difference” in Croatia

Between February 9th and 11th, two JLK members Vaiva Guogaite and Giedre Prievelyte were attending an advanced planning visit... read more

Seminar in United Kingdom “Youth Voice!”

From the 9th till the 16th of February Medway, UK was the venue of the seminar on youth participation... read more

Youth exchange in Spain “Modern Shepherds 3”

Members of Young Leaders club got an opportunity to participate in a youth exchange “Modern Shepherds 3” in a small... read more

International youth exchange project “Make the Change Come True: Live Your Life Sustainable No. 4”

This year, on September 13th-21st an international youth exchange project “Make the Change Come True: Live Your Life Sustainable... read more

Youht exchange in Croatia

The Youth Leader Club met the end of Summer in the sunny town of Sisak in Croatia 2016 08... read more

Youth exchange in Croatia

During the days of June 4 - 13 in Croatia, Samabor a youth exchange „Ride Your Way 2“. 40... read more

International Youth Exchange. What is that?

To go to an international youth exchange was one of the best experiences of my life. To see the... read more

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