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International youth exchange project “Make the Change Come True: Live Your Life Sustainable No. 4”

This year, on September 13th-21st an international youth exchange project “Make the Change Come True: Live Your Life Sustainable No. 4” was held in the city of Erfurt, Germany, with 35 participants from five European countries: Germany, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania. Throughout the eight days spent together we had been sharing our cultural differences […]

Youht exchange in Croatia

The Youth Leader Club met the end of Summer in the sunny town of Sisak in Croatia 2016 08 26 – 09 03 where an Erasmus+ youth exchange “Use your creativity” took part. Youth leaders from 6 countries took part in the exchange from Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy. Lithuania was respresented by […]

Youth exchange in Croatia

During the days of June 4 – 13 in Croatia, Samabor a youth exchange „Ride Your Way 2“. 40 active and young people from Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Lithuania participated in the project. Vidas Maceika, Donatas Varnas, Justas Bieliūnas, Paulius Tauteris, Lina Balčiūnaitė; and Matas Ažukas represented Lithuania. During the exchange participants learnt […]