The Youth Leader Club met the end of Summer in the sunny town of Sisak in Croatia 2016 08 26 – 09 03 where an Erasmus+ youth exchange “Use your creativity” took part. Youth leaders from 6 countries took part in the exchange from Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy. Lithuania was respresented by Lina Balčiūnaitė, Paulius Stalauskas, Kornelijus Baltrūnas, Eglė Kundrotaitė and Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė. There they got a chance to improve their teamworking skills, learnt to make usefull things out of things they no longer use and had a chance to sell them in the city fair. They learnt the secrets of marketing and learnt a lot about foreign cultures while also presenting their own. During free time the participants not only had tours around the town but also met a lot of new interesting people and had a great time while enjoying the heating sun and amazing nature.