During the days of June 4 – 13 in Croatia, Samabor a youth exchange „Ride Your Way 2“. 40 active and young people from Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Lithuania participated in the project. Vidas Maceika, Donatas Varnas, Justas Bieliūnas, Paulius Tauteris, Lina Balčiūnaitė; and Matas Ažukas represented Lithuania. During the exchange participants learnt more about Erasmus+ it‘s main goals and why the European Union funds this program. The participants got a chance to work in groups and organize projects that they could use the skills learnt in real situations so they could motivate the youth to take part in more physical activities and provide them with the motivation needed to reach their goals in life and help them make the first step towards a more active life.

The coordinators of the project didn’t just stop there and made sure that the participants had as much of physical activities as possible. Everyday the participants were taking part in interesting and fun activities such as riding bikes, hiking, looking for famous places in Zagreb, went to trips in the mountains where they learnt more about the history of Croatia. During one of the last days of the project all of the participants got an assignment called „Pozitiva Samobor“ in a festival that was organized by the project coordinators. During the festival the participants shared their information about Erasmus+, youth exchanges with the locals that came to see the festival. The festival proved to the participants that if you have enough persistence, motivation and resourcefulness your ideas might become reality. The experience that the participants got in the project was invaluable.