This year, on September 13th-21st an international youth exchange project “Make the Change Come True: Live Your Life Sustainable No. 4” was held in the city of Erfurt, Germany, with 35 participants from five European countries: Germany, Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania. Throughout the eight days spent together we had been sharing our cultural differences and international experience. There had been plenty of discussions about a nature-friendly style of life and the matter of how we could become a part of the movement. During the national evenings we learned a lot of the other participant countries, tasted their national food & drinks, danced and chatted till the morning light. Furthermore, during a bike trip we had the opportunity of visiting the old town of Erfurt and refreshing ourselves at the nearby lake. This project has also tested our strength and stamina and forced us to face our fear of highs in a local forest adventure park and rock-climbing hall. The project was finalized by a public event whilst we were demonstrating the goals of our work and playing with children. These eight days seemed to have gone by in a flash but the experience, new friendships and inside-jokes connecting us will remain.