To go to an international youth exchange was one of the best experiences of my life. To see the world, meet the people and share your experience with them. To feel the kind of troubles people from foreign countries tackle each day, what the youth has to deal with and to understand how we are different, but all seek the same.

My time in the youth organization Young Leaders Club was a window to this magical world. And not just for me, but for hundreds of young people, not only from Rokiškis, but from all of Lithuania. It is hard to believe that so many people have the chance to improve, to see and to feel the world thanks to youth organizations. Just a week ago members of the Young Leaders Club returned from an international youth exchange „Respect Changemakers,“ that took place in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. The project gathered people from Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Romania and Belgium to discuss about minorities, the diversity of people and respect.

„This summer I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the youth exchange „Respect Changemakers““. During the project we tried to respect each other, despite our differences. The taskes given to us gave us a chance to reveal our personal opinions, take part in discussions and to make common decisions, as hard as it can be to agree with others. We spent our free time on the beach, dancing traditional dances and singing karaoke. We also visited the famous places of San Benedetto del Tronto. I am really happy to have had a chance to be a part of this project, I met the warmest of people, tied traditional italian dishes and had a great time!“ ,- Vilija Miličiūtė, one of the participants, sharing her impressions.

Another participant of the project, Ieva Makšimaitė said: „This was my first youth exchange with the Young Leaders Club and they were wonderful! The conversations and discussions I had with other participants opend my eyes to the diversity of the world. The atmosphere created by everyone there is the foremost aspect of this project.“

The Young Leaders Club offers the chance to participate in inernational youth exchanges not only to members of the organization, all young people are welcome. So if you‘re ready for an adventure of a lifetime, look for the questionnaire in the Facebook page of the Young Leaders Club.

Goda Budreikaitė