Regional union of youth organizations promotes

The Regional union of youth organizations „Apvalus stalas“(RJOSAS) is an umbrella organization that unites 6 regional youth organizations. It was founded in 2004 with the goal to better represent youth needs and encourage closer collaboration between young people, youth workers and local authorities; to equip them with the relevant competences for youth policy-making at the regional and national level.

By involving youth in community development RJOSAS aims to encourage local initiatives and active citizenship in the target group, aged 13-30. The activities are focused on the support and empowerment of youth organizations in their development processes by providing non formal education based workshops and training courses on the subject of leadership, entrepreneurship, core competencies for youth work, etc.

Since 2012 RJOSAS is a member of LIJOT, which is the biggest non-governmental, non-profit umbrella structure for Lithuanian national youth organizations and regional unions of youth organizations.

At the international level RJOSAS is committed to develop further fruitful partnerships and promote the idea of being a part of Europe. Within different grant schemes such as Erasmus+ programme, Europe for Citizens, Nordbuk, EEE grants, and others, we have organized and participated in a great number of international youth exchanges, training courses, conferences and other events which have contributed to a large extent to the goals of the association and improved the key competences of our volunteers.

The members of Regional union of youth organizations "Apvalus Stalas"

“Baltų ainiai”. Association

The Rokiškis chapter of the NGO "Baltų ainiai" was founded in 2008. a reformed leadership created a new vision and mission for the organization and created a long-term strategy. At the moment the organization has 28 members.

E-mail address:

„Eko-Vita” Association

The association encompasses over 40 students. They take part in various activities: learn about plant biology; observe, examine, spread, exchange. the students have their own flower garden and have helped to prepare others around the city.

 Leader: Birutė Trimonienė
 Phone number: +370 614 93173
 E-mail address:

„Deimantas” Public organization

The Goals of the organization are:

To Represent the organizations's interests;
To organize projects for the renovation of the school and it's grounds;
To participate in the events of the school;
To financially support the school's community;
To improve the school's image regionally and nationally;
To be an intermediary between the school and governemntal institutions;
To promote cooperation of the school's community.

“Medeina” Ecologists club

The NGO was founded in 1998, and has been working on ecological awareness and practical activity since then. Ecologists organize and carry out projects relating to ecology and health. The work of the organization is done not only by the students, but by all the staff and othert community members of the Juozo Tumo-Vaižganto gymnasium.

Leader: Virginija Gudonienė
E-mail address:

Regional union of youth organizations „Apvalus stalas"

At the moment the Regional union of  youth organizations “Apvalus stalas” unites 6 youth organizations working in the region: NGO “Deimantas”, youth community “Sėlos Ramuva”, NGO “Grožio mokykla”, Rokiškio Juozo Tūbelio gymnasium’s young farmers circle “Eko-Vita”, community “Ateities vardan” and the Rokiškis chapter of the lithuanian sobriety society “Baltų ainiai”